We help busy designers create technically accurate, standards-compliant home cinema designs, in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our users no longer need to spend hundreds of hours creating each home cinema design. No more being bogged down with complex and long-winded manual designs, or the stress of determining whether their designs meet industry standards. The design process should be profitable, but, too often, designers cannot bill fully for their time.

We understand that technical cinema design is a complex process that takes much time and energy, and this eats into your bottom line. Coming from the industry, the creators of TCD have themselves spent thousands of hours creating technically accurate designs.

Simply register for a TCD account, choose your level of subscription and get to work creating technical designs and awesome documentation, in just a few clicks.

For a more efficient and accurate design process, let TCD do the heavy lifting, leaving you free to develop designs into installs and create great relationships with your client.

  • Register for a TCD account and choose your subscription
  • Join our TCD tutorial webinars
  • Check social media for hints and tips
  • Look out for Academy - our online education (coming soon)

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Use TCD for your designs and, we promise you, you'll never look back. With over 100 supportive manufacturers and almost 9000 dealers and integrators worldwide, you know that TCD is proven and trusted.