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Interested in becoming a CEDIA member to unlock cost savings on a TCD subscription? CEDIA "Home Technology Integrator" members have free access to Media Room (a £425 GBP value), and significant discounts on the full TCD Cinema Room Pro software, as well as the many other benefits of CEDIA membership. Join now to get start using TCD for free or if you have questions about membership, please contact

CEDIA "Home Technology Integrator" member and require a TCD discount code?

please email for more information! (please note in your email if you are seeking the Media Room for free or the Cinema Room Pro at a significant discount).

All subscriptions now include unlimited new designs/edits and unlimited room renders/VR renders!

Select your required level below with one of these payment methods:
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For instant access to the tool - please be sure to first create and log in to your TCD account at and then pay here with the same TCD account email.